Artist Bio.

Adrien Montoya is a local artist whose artwork is dynamic, playful and full of energy. Highly influenced by early twentieth century modernists, color and texture are integral to her style. Her compositions are bold and direct, complete with stylized figures and whimsical embellishment. As a world traveler, she has been exposed to many traditions and cultures which becomes apparent when you view her work. The assortment of media Adrien has explored is a testament to her energy and commitment. Always looking for different mediums as outlets for her expression, Adrien has discovered the possibilities of photo transfers and mixed media collages. In addition she works in acrylic, gouache, pen and ink, water color and wax. In all of these media, her love of figurative themes, intense color and unusual textural patterning comes through. Adrien's work has been shown at many places in the triangle. She is the founding member of the successful downtown gallery known as Local Color. 

Artist Statement

 In my life, I look for the same qualities in my art as I do in my life. I am satisfied with a piece when it is bold and direct, bursting with energy and full of unexpected colors and curious textures. But most of all, it must be filled with interesting characters and a fair amount of whimsy.  My love of travel has provided me with many cultural springboards for my ideas. Every new place I visit is a potential creation in the making. To express all of this, I use a wide variety of media, such as acrylic, pen and ink, photo transfer, watercolor, encaustic and collage, often resulting in exciting mixed media explorations.

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Adrien Montoya

Mixed Media