Chantal Tomiello

​Oils - Canvas & Board

Artist Statement:

I love this quote:

“Art exists because life is not enough” artist Ferreira Gullar

I currently work with oils because I love how it feels.....(This creamy and velvety smooth medium which glistens in the light when wet...... ) 

My subject matter varies but the aim is always to try to capture light.  When I see something beautiful, it's the light I first see and which captures my attention.  It's what attracts me.  As I grow as an artist, I wish to be more impact-full with my statements of emphasize “feeling”.

On a more personal note, I was born in Canada in a large French Canadian family.  It seems that even as a young child, I always had a talent for drawing. Although my path did not lead me to be a full time artist, I have always yearned to paint.  Over the years, while living my traditional life, I've carved  out time to paint...first with watercolors, then in oils.  I am self taught, with the help of many classes, workshops and books.

I currently live in North Carolina with my husband..... where I now commit to make painting a full time endeavor. 

I hope you enjoy my work.

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