Artist Bio.

The youngest of eight children, I did not realize my passion until well into my life.  The discouraging words of a seventh grade art teacher almost ended any ideas of pursuing the arts.  This is why my passion for teaching and encouraging others that ‘they can do it’ is so strong.  My mother was an artist who painted for ‘Southern Pottery’, but whose focus was mostly on raising eight children.  Children have been the focus of my life also.  As a mother of four children, I have pursued my goals in the world of art alongside my commitment to raising healthy, happy kids.  My supportive spouse and our four children have always known that I am there for them, but that I also have bigger dreams for myself.  

Artist Statement

“Anyone Can Draw” -- this is what I heard. The TV station said it, the art brochures repeated it, and so it must be true! However, were they talking to me??? A 32 year old mother of four children with absolutely no art background. Yes, it is true! Anyone can learn to draw (or paint)-- if you have the desire and are willing to work at it!

My journey for the past 25 years has been one of learning to express myself in new ways, studying the work of others and finding my own voice in artistic media. I have had the opportunity to study with a variety of local and nationally known artist. Some of the classes were intensive sessions to help me develop my own personal style, while others were in a group setting that provided insight to other artists and their approach to ‘seeing’ in the world of art. Two watercolor artists -- Sterling Edwards and Chuck McLachlan -- have had a major impact on my artistic growth. These two have shared their incredible knowledge and given me the courage to continue my journey.

As a former teacher, it was only natural to want to share my passion with others.  Beginning with small group lessons in my studio many years ago, I have continued to expand my instructional offerings to children and adults through special programs at several local retirement communities, at Pullen Art Center, Sertoma Arts Center and at Jerry’s Artarama in Raleigh. How rewarding it is to watch people develop the ability to ‘see’ and draw the world around them.

I believe that a desire to learn to paint is more important than talent. I receive even greater pleasure as I share my passion with others and open their world to living in the moment and creating art. 

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Janie Johnson