Artist Statement

I have been painting since I was a kid, and I have always been involved with the arts. I began painting in oils but moved to acrylics several years ago. I paint in my garage, and while the surrounding aesthetics and lighting may be lacking, an open garage door is worth it. When the garage door is up, I sometimes get visitors, who stop in to talk or look in on my latest project; the occasional company is always welcomed. 

Regardless of what I paint, I try to capture the defining characteristics of that subject matter so that an impressionistic image is produced. Most of my paintings are produced on hardboard and are covered with a coat of varnish. In college, I took many studio art classes, and as an adult, I continue to study painting and work on developing my style. I have taken workshops with various national artists, but the artist who has helped me most in this journey lives locally and her continuous feedback has been an immeasurable asset.

Contact information: [919] 744-6360 |

Margo White