Susan Peters

Acrylic, Photography & Mixed Media

Artist Statement/ Bio: 

I am originally from Woodstock, New York and have always been creating something. From the early years of finger-painting on rocks in the creek bed behind my grandmother’s house to present. After a long hiatus from painting, I have returned to it originally as a cold weather hobby, but after creating the first acrylic painting, I was immediately hooked again. I started looking at everything around me in detail, noticing colors, shapes, light, and shadows.
I have enjoyed the process of experimentation since I have started creating again. I am finding all sorts of media interesting, my main medium being acrylic... but I have been trying my hand at watercolors and mixed media. The process of just creating is satisfying.
I enjoy using bright colors and often images from nature to give life to my paintings. I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I did while I created it. 

I also enjoy practicing hot yoga, riding my Tennessee Walking Horses, and traveling with my family.

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